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The joy of dance

Latin music and dances are very popular all around the world. Latin music is vibrant, passionate and the rhythm is contageous, inviting everybody to dance.

The movements in Latin style are energetic and sensual, full of passion.


Music and dance are a cultural expression, an inheritage from our ancestors in a long journey from Middle East to Spain, and Africa, into Latin America.

Salsa, merengue, tango, reggaeton or bachata are just some of the most well-know rythms. Speriences invites you to discover much more!

Speriences with dance show

Dance to celebrate!

People gathered around a table enjoying good food, drinks and a nice talk. Lively music starts playing and people can´t help following the rhythm.  The meeting turns into a party!

From dance showsparty animation on the dance floor, dance workshops or dancefitness masterclasses, with Speriences there is a way for everybody to enjoy dance and make the difference from a meeting into a festive celebration.


No matter if you are a child or grown-up, if you have never danced before or you are a experienced dancer. Dance makes you feel alive, happy and more social.

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